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I'm a just an ordinary girl with a big dream; which I want to contribute something to the religion, society and nation. My story was not too pleased to be read by you because all of the immature content was part of me. But my mature part is quite enough to impress you and you will say, yes she's matured.
Currently a pharmacy student in University of Malaya, Malaysia.


My life as a student began
21 October 2015
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Assalamualaikum and hello earthling!

After quite a long I have not update anything in my blog and it seems like my blog getting sinking in the middle of dust, so here I am, willingly to sacrifise my time even though my final exam is around 4 days to go! 

So my last update is about what? Oh god i'm geting older as i started to forget everything and last time my specs was missing and i was again sacrificing my penny to re do the new specs. What a nice day! pheuw

So i'm very excited to tell you guys that im currently a PASUM student. What is PASUM? pasum is Foundation Studies of Science in Universiti Malaya and they are about to produce cream of the cream. Yah to be honest, the path is very challenging as you need to capture everything in a very short period and every day is a new thng to learn and if you have problem about the last lesson, you are going to left behind. 

I know it sounds scary or it might be terrified yeah I know and that's why they choose students who got flying colors in SPM as they think students who got excellent result can adapted with the surrounding. PASUM is all about study study and study unless if you're genius enough. 
Mostly pasum student aim to put theirself in faculty in Universiti Malaya as everyone know UM is the best university in Malaysia. So, to put yourself among the other UM's student, you need to achieve excellent result especially for those who want to apply medicine for their degree. It's a very tough competition as you need to get 4.0 and pass the interview to be part of them.

Yeah but actually, I'm not put 100% hope that i want and will get medic in UM later. I don't care wherever university i will be going later bcs everywhere is still the same. I still learn the same thing but what make it different is uni. So i just study as hard as i can. 

BUT IM NOT THE ONE WHO CAN UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING IN A VERY SHORT PERIOD! That's really frustrated me bcs i need to read and re do thousand times before I understand something. Allah does not give me ability to understand everything but still I have dilligent things yah it's okay.

So my sem left half way to go bcs pasum only provided short sem which is 4 months for each sem so can you imagine how pack my schedule is? YES VERY PACK but i still have fun times no worries. I still go to mid valley marathon movies with friends playing games and we are planning to go TS and play games there omg im so excited!

Okay that's all from me bcause after this i need to study physics but the hell thing is I DIDNT BRING NOTES AND REFERENCE BOOK SERVE YOUR RIGHT HAWA PEPANDAI LA NAK HIDUP. im gonna cry :'(

Till then.

Never regret about what you got from God because you met someone and something for reasons. Either for memories or lesson. 


email; hawa397@gmail.com


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