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I'm a just an ordinary girl with a big dream; which I want to contribute something to the religion, society and nation. My story was not too pleased to be read by you because all of the immature content was part of me. But my mature part is quite enough to impress you and you will say, yes she's matured.
Currently a pharmacy student in University of Malaya, Malaysia.


Acah azam tahun baru
23 January 2016
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Assalamualaikum and hello earthlings!

This is the second post in 2016 and yes, I have a mid term test last week. Seriously penat gila sampai satu minggu exam tu, I have no time to online my twitter! Okay that was worst I think and it happen to me everytime I have an examination to attend. 

Actually I have nothing to say much, tapi for this time, I want to make "AKUJANJI" sebagai matlamat tahun baru and yes, this is the last year of me, being a teenager. LIKE SERIOUSLY TAHUN DEPAN AKU DAH 20 TAHUN?!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT OMGGGGG. Ghase macam baru habis sekolah rendah, jadi ketua pengawas yang garang nak tuuuut *garang tahap infinity*, masuk sekolah menengah jadi pengawas koperasi, naik form 4 masuk SAMURA jadi junior, and then tup tup dah habis SPM. And now what, 20 TAHUN?????? OMG I'm sooooo old :'(

Being a teenager, of course brought a lot of joyful moments, either with friends or family. I learnt a lot on this phase, on how to survive. I'm glad that Allah set the best path for me and sent me to boarding school, far apart from my family. The memories that I was gained, are very meaningful to me as ppl always say that "2 years before you end your school day will be the memorable one." and I'm totally agree with that statement. 

So for this year, I have listed in my mind (only) about what I'm going to do and achieve. As this year will be a busy year to me sebab aku habis asasi bulan 4, then keje carik duit tak nak goyang kaki ternak lemak kat rumah. No no no. Then bulan 9 dah sambung Degree in whatever course I will get later. Of course busy nanti sedar sedar habis satu tahun omg omg lepas tu setahun lagi and setahun lagi. Ish takutlah. 

So back to the topic, here is the list.

  • Tak nak tinggal solat
  • Nak dapat 4.0 untuk sem 2 dan cumulative.
  • Nak gembirakan ibu dan ayah. 
  • Tak nak bercinta lagi. Hm belum tiba masanya
  • Nak tutup aurat dengan lebih sempurna. Biar menutup aurat walaupun bergaya.
  • Nak hafal juzu' Ammar. 
  • Nak kumpul duit. I have a lot of things I wanna buy omg
  • Tak nak jadi garang dah. Nak jadi lembut je umpama kapas ihiks
  • Nak sambung degree in Pharmacy

Hm tu macam separuh je tu tapi tu mungkin what will happen in this year. Kalau umur panjang, sempat lah kita. Kalau tak, sampai situ jelah perjalanan kita. Wish me luck, guys. 

Till then. 


email; hawa397@gmail.com


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