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I'm a just an ordinary girl with a big dream; which I want to contribute something to the religion, society and nation. My story was not too pleased to be read by you because all of the immature content was part of me. But my mature part is quite enough to impress you and you will say, yes she's matured.
Currently a pharmacy student in University of Malaya, Malaysia.


Dignity as a crown.
08 January 2016
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Assalamualaikum and hello earthling.

Mungkin harini Allah gerakkan hati aku untuk luahkan apa yang aku rasa.

Tadi aku scroll timeline twitter ((rutin bila aku mereput dalam bilik sorang sorang)), then I found someone retweet a picture of conversaton between two girls which are MELAYU AND ISLAM AND BERTUDUNG which on the conv, one of the girl said

"Kalau nak bahagia dalam relationship, bagi je dara adik. Apa salahnya berkorban untuk orang yang adik sayang"

like seriously, WHAT THE HELL? DON'T YOU SCARE WITH HELL? Yes aku marah. Aku malu. Aku terkilan. Semua aku rasa sebab aku perempuan. Aku rasa it is compulsory a.k.a WAJIB untuk jaga kehormatan diri. Don't you think that kehormatan diri tu something precious? Something yang kalau hilang, tak boleh beli kat kedai? So why should a girl waste it for something worthless?

Bila tengok how that girl put her own dignity on her foot, I feel very sad behalf her parents (or maybe they also don't care about her idk)). How can she say that 'dara' tu macam benda beli kat kedai dua ringgit? Semurah tu je nak bagi?

So based on that, I take it as a lesson to myself. It's hard now to find a girl who really take care of herself very well, put her dignity top on her head. Dignity is not something that you can take it for granted. Dignity is a symbol of purity. The way you take care of yourself, the way awak jaga batas pergaulan antara lelaki dengan perempuan, itulah sebenarnya menunjukkan how your true colours are.

My advices are, no matter how hipster you are, please please please and please jangan jadi murah. Serious even aku perempuan pun panggil that 'call'. Jangan terlalu mudah serahkan semuanya. Be educated. Jangan mudah bagi lelaki pegang sana sini. Memang yakin ke dia tu bakal suami awak? Please girl, treat yourself as a diamond; very precious to be touch at will. NO.

Till then.


email; hawa397@gmail.com


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