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I'm a just an ordinary girl with a big dream; which I want to contribute something to the religion, society and nation. My story was not too pleased to be read by you because all of the immature content was part of me. But my mature part is quite enough to impress you and you will say, yes she's matured.
Currently a pharmacy student in University of Malaya, Malaysia.


PASUM officially ended
20 May 2016
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Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello fellas!

After a very long time, I didn't update my blog, so here am I, updating about something that memoriable for me, PASUM.

I never thought that one day I will write this, tho but I just want to refresh some things that I will never forget till the end of my life.

For those juniors who got PUSAT ASASI SAINS UNIVERSITY MALAYA as your future place to study based on UPU result, congratulation! Maybe God knows very well that you're capable to get through the challenges in PASUM and that's why you're chosen. Don't regret it too soon, my dear. PASUM is not hell as your thought. Pasum is the best place for you if you want to pursue your studies in University Malaya for your degree.

Today, I want to talk about pros and cons of pasum after 10 months I had studied there. So far I'm still alive, alhamdulillah! I had finished my foundation year and right now, I'm waiting for my final result for semester 2 and next week, i have 3 interviews to attend. Wish me luck xoxo

Okay, back to the main point I want to talk here, maybe you had read somewhere about ppl opinions of PASUM. Yes, some might say, "pasum tough like hell" "ala sama je pasum dengan matriks" "ala masuk pasum tapi still kena apply upu jugak" etc. They might right and they might wrong. That are ppl opinion so nothing wrong to say about it. So, this time it's based on my prospective okay?

  • Located at the middle of capital city, Kuala Lumpur!!!
  • You will get allowance for both semester. 
  • Very easy to find public transport (cab, bus, lrt, ktm)
  • You can release your stress at the nearest mall, Mid VALLEY!!
  • You're studying at the most popular university in Malaysia (bangga siket)
  • Lecturers bukan biasa biasa ok! They have Prof, Ascociated Prof, DR and mostly the lecturers hebat dalam bidang masing masing, so just ask them anything!
  • During lab, you will practice to use ALL the apparatus BY YOURSELF!!
  • Makanan murah. Sehari aku spent dalam rm10 je, pagi sampai malam. 
  • Tutorial and lecture dalam hall and bilik yg sejuk nak mati.
  • Kalau belajar kat bangunan pasum baru, bilik tutorial lawa dan selesa.
  • Tiap malam bebas tanpa sebarang sekatan.
  • Wifi percuma, tak payah bayar. 
  • Jangka masa pendek. Tolak cuti, belajar cuma 10 bulan sahaja. 
  • Ada autonomi untuk pelajar pasum bagi kemasukan degree di UM. 
  • Untuk 3 kursus kritikal (Medic, Dentistry, Pharmacy) mostly budak pasum conquer. Pegi mana mana Uni untuk Interview je, dorang mesti ada. 
  • Pasum produce THE BEST FROM THE BEST. 
  • Mostly pelajar pasum dapat straight A masa spm so semua sama je pandai sebenarnya. 
  • Lecture notes all given. Tak payah salin kecuali kalau Pn Kamariah ajar +.+
  • Dak pasum pemes. Siyes.

  • The schedule was very packed. 8am to 5pm everyday.
  • The duration of lab is 3 HOURS so you need to prepare very well before lab.
  • You need to wear smart casual everyday.
  • The learning is very fast so you need to catch up everything.
  • Katil double decker!!!! (tapi sep baik aku katil bawah)
  • Every subject are doubled. ( Sem 1= bio1, bio2, chem 1, chem 2 etc)

But you don't need to worry. If you want to score in your final exam every semester, just re-do all tutorial and study the past years. Find mates that you can find when you have problem in particular subject. Reminder, all math syllibus in this course is ADD MATH okay kalau lupa add math tu, ingat ingatkan lah.

If you have any inquiries, you can email me to hawa397@gmail.com. I will reply it as soon as I get it ya?

That's all from me. See ya
Assalamualaikum and peace yo!


email; hawa397@gmail.com


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